Printing the Wingspan Upgraded Birdhouse Dice Tower

This post will guide you through our recommendations on how to best to print your newly downloaded Wingspan dice tower model.

To start you'll want to load up one of each of the following components into your slicer of choice:

  1. Box.WoodGrain.RollAid.stl
  2. RollAid.WoodGrain.stl
  3. Roof.WoodGrain.stl
  4. Tray.WoodGrain.stl

We suggest printing the pegs (4 in total) separately at 100% infill and scaled down - we scale to 95% but this will vary by printer so you may need to experiment.

For the rest of the components, we print at 10% infill. You'll need supports in the following areas:

  1. The bottom opening of the box
  2. Each of the windows in the box
  3. Under the two rails of the roof

Refer to the following images for our recommended positioning and orientation:

The rest of your settings should be calibrated based upon your individual printer and filament.

Once everything is printed, insert the pegs into their corresponding holes and then gently install the trays (we find it's easiest to put the trays on once the pegs are already inserted, rather than trying to push the pegs through both the trays and box). Apply a small amount of glue to the rails of the roof, install on the box, and set to dry. We personally use Barge, but most glues should be suitable.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!