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Processing Time

Many of our items are highly customizable and/or require post processing. We also make everything in our store to order, so there will always be lead-time before an item will ship. Please note that lead-time is not reflected in the shipping speed estimates provided by your chosen shipping carrier at check-out.

Our current lead time is:
2-3 weeks

Print Quality

In general, it's normal for 3D printed items to have some imperfections and/or layer lines. We strive to deliver the highest quality products possible - we exercise a high standard of quality control and frequently tune our machines to ensure the best results.

Unless otherwise specified, all of our 3D printed items are made with PLA and printed at 10% infill and 0.2mm layer height.


All of our items are either 3D prints and models of our own designs, or 3D prints of other designer's work under authorized licensing. All digital files are issued under a non-commercial, personal use only license.