Dice Holding Axe (STL Download)
dice axe
dice axe
dice axe
dice axe
dice axe

Dice Holding Axe (STL Download)

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The second addition to our dice holding armory is a dice holding battle axe! Now all you barbarians and fighters can knock the socks off your Dungeons & Dragons party with this unique & customizable dice vault:

  1. Store a set of standard polyhedral RPG dice (D20, D12, D%, D10, D8, D6 and D4) in corresponding cut-outs of the handle, held in place by the sheath. 
  2. Every part is completely customizable, allowing you to make a complete unique item of your own!

    Each component of the axe is is printed separately, allowing you a high level of color customization:

    1. Top Cap
    2. Blade Clamp
    3. Blade
    4. Mid Connection
    5. Handle
    6. Sheath
    7. Pommel

    Some useful size information:

    1. Overall length: 345mm
    2. Print our handy dice sizing sheet to check if your dice will fit

    Designed by TabletopStor3d - purchased STLs are issued under a non-commercial, personal use only license. Have us make one for you here.

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