dice sword
Dice Holding Sword
Dice Holding Sword
Dice Holding Sword
Dice Holding Sword
Dice Holding Sword
dice sword
dice sword
dice sword

Dice Holding Sword

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The third installment to our dice holding armory - a dice holding sword! This is a more elegant take on our other bladed dice holding weapons, a perfect fit for a knightly character in any Dungeons & Dragons party!

This unique and highly customizable dice vault stores a set of NINE polyhedral RPG dice (D20, D12, D%, D10, D8, 3D6 and D4) in corresponding cut-outs of the blade, held in place by the sheath.

Please note that the cut-outs are designed for standard sized dice - larger custom, resin or stone dice may not fit! Contact us if you aren't sure. One set of acrylic dice come free with every order, so you're guaranteed to have a set that works :)

This makes an excellent gift for any D&D player - or maybe you just want to treat yourself ;)


We have 36 colors to choose from, and allow you to customize each part of the dagger to create a unique item of your own:

  1. Sheath
  2. Blade
  3. Guard
  4. Handle
  5. Pommel

We also offer an option to engrave a name on the back of the sheath to make it extra special & personalized. By default we still engrave the dice symbol on the opposite side of the sheath, but feel free to request the sheath without the dice engraving.

Featured Color Combinations

Picture #1 (Main photo & video):
Teal sheath, silk platinum blade, silk copper guard, teal handle, silk copper pommel

Picture #2 (Sword labels):
Eggplant sheath, silk copper blade, teal guard, eggplant handle, teal pommel

Picture #3:
Black sheath, ice blue blade, purple guard, matte blue handle, eggplant pommel

Picture #4:
Silk rainbow sheath, wood-infused ebony blade, silk copper guard, wood-infused ebony handle, silk rainbow pommel

Picture #5:
Matte blue sheath, silver blade, caramel guard, matte blue handle, caramel pommel

Check out our Instagram @TabletopStor3d to see even more pictures & color combinations!


Some useful size information:

  1. Overall length of a sheathed sword is 400mm
  2. The sheath length is 237mm
  3. Blade length is 235mm

We buy our dice wholesale and don't always stock specific colors. If you'd like a specific color please inquire first.

Designed by TabletopStor3d - STL download also available for purchase here.

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